Some models of electric fireplace come with a remote, while others don’t. My electric fireplace didn’t come with one, but I’ll be explaining how to turn on and start an electric fireplace without a remote.

Remote controls won’t work without the fireplace being plugged in, and can either be lost or the batteries run out, and so it’s important to understand how to use your electric fireplace without one.

As an electric fireplace runs on electricity, it must be plugged into a nearby wall socket, and the socket switched on before the controls on the fireplace can be used to turn on either the flames or the heater.

It’s recommended that electric fireplaces be always plugged straight into an electrical wall socket, rather than being connected into an extension cable or surge protector.

The manufacturer of my electric fireplace states in the manual that the use of an extension cord is not recommended with the appliance.

Once plugged in, you’ll need to find the controls on your electric fireplace to be able to turn it on.

The location of the controls will differ between wall-mounted or recessed electric fireplaces, freestanding electric fireplaces and electric fireplace inserts, but are typically found on the front or sides of the unit.

The controls on my particular model of freestanding electric fireplace are located behind a cover on the front (as my electric fireplace looks like a wood burning stove, where the ash pan compartment would be).

Here’s what the controls look like on my electric fireplace, including what their purpose is.

On my particular model of electric fireplace, the main switch (switch B above) must be turned on before the heater can be used.

Turning on the main switch (B) turns the electric fireplace on, and also turns on the flames at the same.

Many models of electric fireplace have two heat settings.

There are two heat switches on my electric fireplace; one for the lower heat output and one for the higher heat output. The main switch (which turns the flames on automatically) MUST be turned on in order for the heater switches to turn on the heat.

Furthermore, the low heat switch must be turned on before the high heat switch will work.

Electric fireplaces typically have separate switches for the heating and flame elements, allowing you to use them separately, or both at the same time.

To get the flames to work on an electric fireplace, simply turn on the flame effect switch.