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smart Sewage Wastewater Level Transducer

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smart Sewage Wastewater Level Transducer

Model: WLV101



The Sewage Wastewater Level Transducer WLV101 is special for monitoring and measuring sewage in sewage facility or sewage treatment plants. simple in structure and installation and maintenance. with protection sleeve filter. The length can be from 100mm to 2000mm according to requirements in field.


When the sewage level change, it will caused the float ball up and down, then creates a correspond linear electrical signal output of 0~5V DC to data acquisition module or controller or others.


The sensor part can drop into the liquid and the transmitter can be fixed by flange mounted or Bracket, easily to install and use.


Ø  Stability , high precision;

Ø  Directly drop into the measured medium, very easy to install and use;

Ø  Solid-state structure, no moving parts, high reliability , long life from the water;

Ø  Standard 0-5V DC output for RTU, PLC and acquisition equipments;

Ø  Wide range for measurements from 100mm~2000mm.

Ø  With power reverse polarity protection and overload current limit protection .


Ø  Measurement range: standards 450mm, optional 100mm~2000mm;(According to customer requirement.)

Ø  Precision: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 21mm;

Ø  Main material: SUS304/316;

Ø  Working Temperature: -40~85℃;

Ø  Output: 2-wire 0~5V DC ;

Ø  Working Power: 9~36VDC;

Ø  International SAE5, SAE6, BSP Screw, NPT Screw type for installation.