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Smart Analog Data Monitor & Burglary Alarm GSM Panel

Smart Analog Data Monitor & Burglary Alarm GSM Panel


AD2000 GSM Panel have three main functions:Acquire & analyse electrical, environmental data,Anti-burglar alarm,remote control.It can be used in communications base stations, industrial control house  and other important Function description
GSM module 850/900/1800/1900MHZ, automatically roam in the world.
4 Analog channel inputs:
1 AC voltage input:AC 0-300V(50Hz or 60Hz)
1 DC voltage input:DC 0-60V
1 DC current input:DC 4-20 mA
1 Temperature input:-30-+70℃
2 Digital channel inputs (connect wired alarm sensors)
8 wireless alarm sensors inputs (315MHz or 433MHz)
2 relays output control
4 programmable SMS telephone numbers,2 programmable voice telephone numbers
Backup battery:DC12V/1.2AH